Grades 2 to 5

6 fun books for the youngest below-level readers
Reading Level Gr. 1–2
Interest Level Gr. 2–4

Entertaining, fun-filled stories with 5–7 chapters each provide reading success to young, struggling readers. Your students will love the zany cast of characters and the silly situations they get into. You'll soon see why we say these books are easy to read and hard to put down.

The Sparklers Teacher Guide provides an 8-page lesson plan for each title in the series that includes 6 reproducible skill sheets for every book!

Sparklers–Green Set includes:

  • 6 titles, 64 pages each
  • Matching E-Book and word-for-word Audio Book versions included with every 6-Pack!
  • Word count: 1100–1450+
  • 5–7 chapters in each book
  • Character and setting sketches
  • Illustrated Table of Contents & Glossary
  • High in visuals
  • 124-page Sundance Hi-Lo Reading Teacher Guide
  • A FREE Smart Word vocabulary card and book label for every title.
Audio-Assisted Reading
Helping students become fluent readers has challenged teachers for a long time. Listening to a model reader read a passage and then practicing reading aloud helps students improve their fluency. Research has demonstrated that audio-assisted reading positively affects fluency and comprehension.

Accelerated Reader® quizzes are available for these titles.

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Titles in this Series Grade/Interest Level Reading Level Guided Rdg Level Lexile®
Brad the Wonder Baby 2 - 4 2.1 K 350L
Ellie and the Magic Computer 2 - 4 2.1 K 430L
Imagine That! 2 - 4 2.0 K 350L
It's Payback Time 2 - 4 2.3 L 460L
Making Friends with Samson 2 - 4 2.2 L 460L
Sticky Fingers 2 - 4 2.3 L 410L


Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-20515 Single Copy Set: 6 Books (1 each of 6 titles) $43.50
WA-35188 Classroom Set: 36 Books (6 each of 6 titles); 6 E-Books (PDFs); 6 Matching Audio Books; 6 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards $316.00
WA-21532 Green and Aqua Sets: Single Copy Set: 12 Books (1 each of 12 titles) $87.50
WA-35193 Green and Aqua Classroom Sets: 72 Books (6 each of 12 titles); 12 E-Books (PDFs); 12 Matching Audio Books; 12 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards $615.00

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