Destination: Unknown

Grades 6 to 9

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Fast-paced stories traverse the globe and travel through time to keep your reluctant readers flipping pages!

Destination: Unknown books are high-action, fictionalized accounts of history's most spine-tingling events and unanswered mysteries. Your students will be on the edge of their seats as three hip, recurring characters unearth the Atocha, a Spanish ship that sank 380 years ago, discover the lost city of Atlantis, and more. Written for middle-school students, books provide plenty of historical background so they can dig into each adventure as they piece together what really happened. Choose from eight books.

Destination: Unknown:

  • Motivate reluctant readers with gripping, action-adventure stories older students love.
  • Keep readers fascinated and learning with maps, charts, glossaries, and kid-friendly factual explanations.
  • Help students understand what they are reading with a helpful introduction, table of contents, and clear chapter headings.

"Research shows that reluctant readers will read more if the books are thin, the chapters are short, and the reading level is right for them!"— Allington, 2002

Titles in this Series Grade/Interest Level Guided Rdg Level Lexile®
Hunting Down the Grail 6 - 9 R 650L
Key of the Mayan Kingdom 6 - 9 S 660L
Missing Among the Pyramids 6 - 9 R 510L
Protecting the Sunken City 6 - 9 S 670L
Quest for El Dorado 6 - 9 R 680L
The Red Rain of Easter Island 6 - 9 S 630L
Search for the Lost Cavern 6 - 9 R 600L
The Wreck of the Atocha 6 - 9 S 660L


Destination: Unknown
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-31068 Single Copy Set: 8 Books (1 each of 8 titles) $64.80
WA-31069 Classroom Collection: 48 Books (6 each of 8 titles) $362.00

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