AlphaKids Reading Assessment Kit for Grades K–2

Grades K to 2

An easy-to-use, comprehensive evaluation tool

Help your students become on-level readers by placing them in the correct level and tracking their progress with the AlphaKids Reading Assessment Kit. The kit provides everything you need to conduct year-round reading assessment: Benchmark Books, a Teacher Guide, and an In-service Training Video. The AlphaKids Reading Assessment Kit helps everyone—teachers and students—enjoy success!

AlphaKids Assessment can be used with any reading program, any time of year!

The AlphaKids Reading Assessment Kit contains:

  • Benchmark Books
    • 24 new AlphaKids Books, one book for each AlphaKids Guided Reading Level 1-24
    • 14 fiction stories; 10 nonfiction texts
    • Each Benchmark Book provides a complete story in approximately 100 words.
  • Teacher Guide
    • supports teachers through entire Diagnostic Reading Conference, from sample introductions to comprehensive questions
    • helps teachers to analyze readings and to plan further instruction
    • explains how and why to do Running Records and Records of Behavior
    • includes over 90 reproducibles
  • Easy-to-use carrying case with folders
    • keeps Benchmark Books and Teacher Guide secure in one place for quick access
In-service Training Video
  • showcases a sample reading assessment conference, including introduction, reading, recording, and follow-up
  • models different reading behaviors and how each is recorded
  • demonstrates 3 additional readings at different levels to practice taking running records

Why use AlphaKids Reading Assessment?
The AlphaKids Assessment Benchmark Books allow teachers to evaluate children's approach to texts and their use of reading strategies so as to:

  • determine instructional reading level for reading group placement
  • diagnose any reading difficulties children may be encountering so that extra instruction may be planned
  • document the growth in children's reading for the children themselves, their parents, the school and the school system

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AlphaKids Reading Assessment Kit for Grades K–2
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WA-24221 Assessment Kit WITHOUT Video: 24 Benchmark Books; Teacher Guide; Carrying Case $178.00

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